Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I just wanted to share my most recently finished projects. I still have plenty of unfinished ones so its usually a pretty big deal when I actually finish something.

I really enjoyed making this little bear security blanket. It's from a pattern by One and Two Company, it was very easy to follow and  so cute when finished. I haven't added buttons because I'm just not confident enough in my ability to sew them on securely enough!  I used Sublime Baby Cashmerino for this one, its the first time I've used such a luxury yarn and it is gorgeous to work with but at almost £6 for 50g certainly not a luxury I can afford regularly - luckily Hobbycraft are doing 3 for 2 on yarn at the moment so it wasn't so bad. Next time I'm going to try making the pattern up with a cotton and see how that works out.

And who knows, maybe next time I'll even manage to sew the head on straight!

Another finished project!  Wonders will never cease! 

This one I didn't find quite so easy in as much as the pattern wasn't quite so clear, but I managed to get my poor addled old brain around it eventually. I used the pattern from a booklet by Rico Design. I have started the rabbit pattern from the same booklet but because it's not quite such an easy straightforward pattern to follow I find I keep putting it to one side .... it's a legless rabbit at the moment!